Top 10 Promotional Products of 2023

Friday, 15 December 2023

Picture of Top 10 Promotional Products of 2023

1. Umbrellas - Umbrellas deliver a visually impactful result.  Seen as both premium and practical, umbrellas convey a sense of care and thoughtfulness from a brand and are the perfect gift for just about anyone.

2. Towels - Towels have one of the largest branding surfaces of any product and epitomise all the things a great promotional product shoud be: useful, vauable and visually appealing.

3. Apron - With the popularity of home cooking, aprons are both stylish and functional and have evolved beyond their functional purpose.  

4. Sunscreen - Sunscreen is an excellent choice for brands who wish to align their branded merchandise with health, safety and wellness.

5. Socks - Whether for work, sports or casual wear, socks are a functional necessity and are a fun product to gift.  Socks are viewed as a durable, reusable and eco-friendly promtional item.

6.  Cooler Bag - With more people engaging in outdoor recreational activities, the demand for Cooler Bags as a versatile and durable promotional product rose significantly. Their functionality and convenience align perfectly with the increasingly active and adventurous lifestyles of end users.

7. Backpack - The resurgence of travel in 2023 fuelled a surge in demand for Backpacks.  Backpacks are now more durable, functional and stylish than ever.

8. Coasters - Coasters have truly stood the test of time as a promotional product. With businesses getting more creative about how they showcase their brand, Coasters provide an influential asset in enticing customer retention. Coasters can be either disposable single use (cardboard) or reusable (bamboo, glass, leather, PVC)

9. Notebooks - Notebooks provide a simple and effective way to keep track of daily life and work.  They allow us to set goals, reflect on our thoughts and emotions and keep us organised and focussed.  New sustainable options have also helped the popularity.

10.   Polo Shirt - In 2023 Polo Shirts continued to dominate the promo world as a stylish and versatile choice.  These collared shirts effortlessly blend sporty sophistication and casual comfort.  New sustainable options have also proved popular.