Milano 2n1 Fabric Charge & Data Cable

The Milano 2N1 charge cable is manufactured using high grade 24 AWG copper wire, a braided fabric exterior and plated connector heads. Suitable for mobile devices this cable provides you with USB to Micro USB and 8Pin (lightening) connectivity to charge your device or transfer data at high speed. Material: Plated ABS, Braided NylonCertification: CE, RoHS
Standard Packaging: Press Lock Pouch. Optional double sided printed insert card also available (AR588-DSI)Packaging Options: PK038 : Press Lock Pouch
,Product Size: Connector Head - 50 x 27 x 5 mm, Length - 150 cmPrint Area: 13.6 x 7 mm (micro, 8pin), 13 x 12 mm (usb) - connectors
Product Colour:Black/Black (Std), Black/White (Std), Blue/White (Std), Silver/Grey (MOQ-500pcs), Pink/Pink (MOQ-500pcs), PMS Colour Match (MOQ-2Kpcs)

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