Big Bows for Doors

Big Door Bows are in high demand by Real Estate Agents to make the experience of buying a property one their clients remember. There's nothing like the visual impact of being welcomed to your new home by a huge bow wrapped around your front door! Clients feel special and remember that feeling (and the Agent who made it happen!) for a long time.Our Big Door Bows are easy to assemble (we provide step by step instructions), reusable, and pack a real punch for a low cost. Our minimum order is only 5 bows.Big Door Bows are 55cm across and constructed of 15cm wide ribbon.Since Big Door Bows come with extra lengths of ribbon to wrap around a door, they are also perfect for embellishing everything from major appliances (like fridges), giant boxes, and those items that are just too huge to wrap.Our Big Door Bows come in red and navy as standard, but we can supply them in a range of other colours contact us for minimum order numbers and pricing for colours other than red and navy.

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